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“The Premium Trend Community Friday live sessions are my favourite zoom call coffee break companion.” - HV

Vital Support in Unusual Times 

We understand fashion brand owners, designers and consultants need all the support they can get at this time. Our Trend Premium Community offers a safe space for like-minded fashion industry professionals to connect and share ideas, develop professional skills and gain vital global trend insights in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Our community shares a passion for fashion, innovation, sustainability, inclusivity, personal and professional growth, and the goal of creating less but better fashion for people and the planet.

“So many great takeaways for me: great content on the platform, all live sessions and a global networking” - C Garcia, Brazil 

“Thank you so much for creating this wonderful community! 
I am proud to be a part of it. I'm always looking forward to learning new fashion insights and applying them.” - S Collins, Australia

As a member you will:

  • Gain access to highly relevant and actionable insights, trend expertise and learnings
  • Be a part of an *amazing* community of like-minded individuals who are incredibly generous in informing and inspiring one another 
  • Develop your professional skills and gain resilience for thriving and surviving through challenging times 
  • Have the opportunity to receive and give feedback on key design, product development, sourcing and marketing questions 

As well as the wider community, the Trendstop trend team is on hand supporting you. Our founder Jaana is actively sharing her 20 years of trend expertise in the community

“I'm excited to be a part of something new! I love expanding my network of like-minded thinkers and engaging in seminars and panel discussions” - RC

“Excited to be a part of the Trendstop community… I am a freelance designer based in Seattle WA, USA - up here we don’t have all the streetwear trends that cycle through the rest of the world. I like to look at Japan streetwear fashion and shopping first for inspiration. Having access to your European coverage is fantastic!” - LC 

“I'm looking for product trends, what’s close to the season, and what’s the retail trend!!!! I'm really excited to be part of the premium trend community!!!!!” - DV 

“The most intimate social network I have ever participated in.”

Support to Grow as a Fashion Professional

The Premium Trend Community offers tremendous opportunities for professional development:

  • COMMUNITY LIVE SESSIONS: Attend our weekly expert live sessions around trends, design, range building, branding, marketing, sales and retail to gain awareness and knowledge.
  • NETWORKING WITH LIKE-MINDED PROFESSIONALS: Access our dedicated community networking platform for professional conversations and ideas exchanges with other members and our experts.
  • EXPERT & COMMUNITY FEEDBACK: Stay in direct personal contact with Trendstop’s global trend experts, and give and gain feedback from experienced and like-minded professionals in forum discussions.
  • TREND & CONSUMER INSIGHTS: Access Trendstop trend and consumer insights in the form of trend previews, white papers, sample reports and trend timeline snapshots.
  • SKILLS ELEVATION & TRAINING: Elevate your professional skills with trend training videos and master classes designed to elevate your trend identification and application skills.

How it Works & What You Get

Upon joining you will receive:

1) Your Premium Trend Community login to access:

  • Your monthly pack of trend and consumer insights content 
  • Your monthly trend training master class videos  
  • Your monthly live events calendar. We host a weekly session around each: 1. Trends & Insights — 2. Design & Range Building — 3. Branding & Marketing — 4. Retail Trends & Sales
  • The discussion forum to discuss trend, design, branding, marketing,  sustainability and other topics with other members and Trendstop experts 
  • Introductions to other members

2) Your Trendstop Trend Platform Preview Login to access your monthly trend previews.

What’s included in your monthly Trend Pack

Each month you get a monthly pack of trend and consumer insights content to access via the community platform.

Your Trend & Consumer Insights pack includes:

  • Behind-the-scenes trend content looking at emerging themes and current retail trends
  • Snapshots of our Trend Timeline, which follows the development and trajectory of current trends
  • A personal preview access login to Trendstop’s industry-leading Trend Platform
  • Access to some of our Consumer Insights content, including a monthly snapshot of the post-lockdown Consumer Mindset, in the form of mini reports, white papers, presentations and statistics.

How do the Community Live Sessions work

Preview and sign up to our upcoming live online events in the Events section of the community platform. You have the option to submit questions and requests for the session a week ahead. 

The event content is varied and in line with community requests, including trend conversations, expert guest speakers, a chance to meet other community members, current topics Q&A’s and collection evaluations.

The sessions are either live on zoom with presenter screen share, or via live chat Q&A. Sessions are 30-45 minutes in duration. Session recordings/key take-aways are made available shortly after events.

What‘s included in the Trend Training & Master Class videos 

Each month we drop a master class training video on a trend, design, branding, sustainability or other community relevant topics to elevate your professional skills and development. The video lengths typically vary between 10-20 minutes.

Examples of featured topics:

  • How to create your seasonal design plan in 15 minutes  
  • How to organise and filter your trend research effectively 
  • How are brand values changing in the new normal
  • How is range planning impacted by the new normal

Benefits of Community Conversations
  • Guidance from experts & fellow members to help plan ahead and navigate the new normal
  • Discussions on professional next steps, goals, issues and opportunities to gain knowledge, awareness and clarity  
  • New ideas & perspectives to keep you growing as a fashion professional 

Q: Who will I find on the platform?

A: Our dedicated networking platform brings together fashion designers and creatives, brand owners and business leaders, businesses large and small, with the aim of building an indispensable resource of insight, support and smart solutions, and connecting people for support, feedback, ideas and opportunities. Our community is incredibly international, with members from all corners of the globe, from Sweden to Ethiopia, Canada to Columbia, Dubai to Madrid, New York to Amsterdam... What the group have in common is they are polite, positive, open-minded, innovation oriented and extremely welcoming. 

Q: Many fashion professionals are now in need of trend and business resources that cater to working in isolation. How does the community address this?

A: Our community was formed in response to hundreds of emails and zoom calls with fashion professionals who are seeking support in uncertain times – some were furloughed, and are exploring freelance positions for the first time. Others are unsure about how to proceed for their next collection. Brand owners want to know how to improve sales and marketing direct to consumer. As a result, the community is designed around individuals who want to refine their trend application skills, grow sales and exchange ideas with other like-minded professionals. Our content, from the trend training videos to the live expert sessions, encourages independent development and the forging of a new professional network.

Q: Your Trend Timelines are really interesting! With premium membership, can we see the timeline of a trend in a chronological sequence?

A: Yes, some of them! The Trend Timelines are one of our most popular platform features. It allows you to follow the trajectory of a trend from early themes and concepts right through to mainstream retail examples. Snapshots Trend Timelines are included in the Premium Trend Community. This month we are sharing at 3 major trends across colour, materials and apparel.

What's the Investment?

Normally our services cost $10,000 per month for global brands and $3,000 per month for smaller brands. 

But we know a new level of adjusting to the new normal is really needed in the industry, and we really want to help change the fashion industry for the better and make it more sustainable.

To help achieve this, we decided to make the Premium Trend Community Membership available for our members for under $500 a month.

We wanted this membership investment to be similar to the cost of a premium sweatshirt, so around $229 or £179 a month.

Now we want to go further, and give our members the chance to join for under $100 per month.

Choose Your Membership Plan Below 

Q: How does my free trial work?

A: You can trial Trend Community membership for 14 days for free. If during this time you decide it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership and your card will not be charged.

Scroll down and click Try Free below to join us.
The membership is a rolling monthly credit card payment, you can cancel any time.

*If you do not cancel within your 14-day trial period, you will start being charged our monthly membership fee. (To cancel, sign in to and go to Your Profile > Settings > Subscription > Change Subscription. Then select Cancel your subscription.)

We all look forward to meeting you inside the community!
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